Discipline: Literature – nonfiction

A. Kendra Greene

Discipline: Literature – nonfiction
Region: Dallas, TX
MacDowell fellowships: 2022

Kendra Greene is the author and illustrator of The Museum of Whales You Will Never See. Her writing has appeared in Atlas Obscura, Freeman's, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, and Zyzzyva. Her artist's books are held in collections as far away as Qatar. Greene will be the 2022 Ralph A. Johnston Memorial Fellow at the Dobie Paisano ranch, and 2023 Visiting Writer in Nonfiction at UNC.

While at MacDowell she composed text-and-image essays for an illuminated bestiary. An essay from that book project was published in 2018 in The Normal School, another is forthcoming in 2022 in Freeman's. Inspired by the MacDowell picnic baskets’ paper ephemera, she also wrote and bound an artist book.


Phi Beta

A. Kendra Greene worked in the Phi Beta studio.

Funded by the Phi Beta Fraternity, a national professional fraternity of music and speech founded in 1912, Phi Beta Studio was built from 1929–1931 of granite quarried on the MacDowell grounds. The small studio is very simple in design, but displays a pleasing combination of materials with its granite walls and colorful slate roofing. Inside is a…

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