Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art

Brenda Kenneally

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art
Region: Brooklyn
MacDowell fellowships: Fall 2014

I am a photographer who uses a camera to create a shared emotional space with the people and places I'm drawn to photograph. I take pictures to remember what I learned while I was taking pictures. The photographs are never the point in themselves but rather serve as entry points to a shared humanity. Like all relationships, the ones that I develop through my camera take time and nurturing. I don't know if one can capture time through photography, but I am never in a hurry when I am taking pictures. Some organizations that I have been funded by include The John Simon Guggenehim Foundation, the New York State Council for the Arts, Open Society Foundation, Getty Images, Canon, Nikon, W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund, Alicia Patterson Foundation, and Mother Jones.



Brenda Kenneally worked in the Nef studio.

Nef Studio, the first entirely new studio built after 1937, was donated by esteemed photographer, explorer, author, and MacDowell Fellow Evelyn Steffanson Nef in 1992. Endowed funds for the studio‚Äôs maintenance in perpetuity and an annual Fellowship for photographers were given in addition to funds for construction. Mrs. Nef said she had known about MacDowell all her…

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