Discipline: Literature – nonfiction

Dora P. Chaplin

Discipline: Literature – nonfiction
MacDowell fellowships: 1946, 1948

Dora P. Chaplin (1906-1990) was an author and longtime professor of Christian education at the General Theological Seminary in Manhattan. Chaplin, who was educated in England, taught at General Seminary from 1953 until her retirement in 1971. In 1964, she was named a full professor, thus becoming the first female with this title at the Episcopal seminary. Before that, she was affiliated with the National Council of the Episcopal Church. Chaplin was a well-known writer of articles on religion and spirituality and was the author of several books, including The Privilege of Teaching (1962) and Children and Religion (1948).



Dora P. Chaplin worked in the Watson studio.

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