Discipline: Literature

Evelyn Ames

Discipline: Literature
Region: Cold Springs Ha, NY
MacDowell fellowships: 1972, 1972, 1978
Evelyn Ames (1908-1990) was a poet and prose writer who focused on wildlife and the environment. A Glimpse of Eden, recounting a safari in East Africa, joined “a poet's urge to describe her experience in beautiful and even fanciful terms, and a thinker's urge to generalize about it,” according to a 1967 review in The New York Times. Other volumes include In Time Like Glass: Reflections on a Journey in Asia (1974); Only the Loving, a 1952 novel; and two books of poetry: The Hawk From Heaven (1957) and Dust on a Precipice (1981). Ames was educated at Milton Academy and Vassar College, and was vice president of The Women Poets, director of the African Wildlife Foundation, and trustee of the Environmental Defense Fund as well as Milton Academy.



Evelyn Ames worked in the Watson studio.

Built in 1916 in memory of Regina Watson of Chicago, a musician and teacher, this studio was donated by a group of her friends, along with funds for its maintenance. Originally designed to serve as a composers’ studio and recital hall for chamber music, the latter purpose was soon found to be too disruptive to…

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