Discipline: Visual Art – painting

Hoda Kashiha

Discipline: Visual Art – painting
Region: Tehran, Iran
MacDowell fellowships: Spring 2015

The figures in my paintings are freed from history and a collective narrative. They are searching for an identity in a very unspecific natural location. I think of my characters as blind people who experience temporary and oppositional feelings, for instance love and hate, power and defeat, reality and dream. Leaders and heroes are created then destroyed with the same ease. The meaning keeps shifting and it is never fixed.

I usually try to strike a balance between abstract and figurative painting, creating movements and capturing moments are the purposes that I am looking for.

My recent concerns in my painting are exploring the emotional effects of colors and thinking about canvas as part of the work not just a surface .



Hoda Kashiha worked in the Cheney studio.

Cheney Studio was given to MacDowell by Mrs. Benjamin P. Cheney and Mrs. Karl Kauffman. Like Barnard Studio, Cheney is a low, broadly massed bungalow. Sited on a steep westward slope, its porches are supported on wooden posts and fieldstone with lattices. Although it still retains its appealing character, the original design of the shingled building…

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