Discipline: Film/Video – screenplay

Jenji Kohan

Discipline: Film/Video – screenplay
Region: Los Angeles, CA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2017

Jenji Kohan is a writer/producer for television and streaming media, best known for creating Weeds and Orange is the New Black. Jenji worked on the sixth season of Orange is the New Black and the second season of GLOW (a show about women’s wrestling in the ‘80s), which begin their seventh and third seasons, respectively, in the summer of 2019. She also recently sold a third show, American Princess, to Lifetime with writer Jamie Denbo. In residence, Kohan worked on a television pilot called The Missing Years, a comedy about what Jesus Christ was up to from ages 13 to 30. The pilot introduces topics such as his Bar Mitzvah, his search for his real dad, and morning wood. It is currently in development at Netflix.


Monday Music

Jenji Kohan worked in the Monday Music studio.

Given to the residency by the Monday Music Club of Orange, New Jersey, Monday Music Studio is sited next to an enormous boulder deposited by glaciers thousands of years ago. A small dormer once pierced the east slope of the roof, but after damage suffered in the 1938 hurricane, the roof was rebuilt without the dormer. The…

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