Discipline: Film/Video – documentary

John Gianvito

Discipline: Film/Video – documentary
Region: Sharon, MA
MacDowell fellowships: 2017

John Gianvito, a filmmaker, initiated work on two documentary film essays at MacDowell, one exploring obstacles to altruism and what has been dubbed "the sociology of denial," and a shorter work on Helen Keller's socialism. His latest film Wake (Subic), the second half of his nine-hour diptych “For Example, The Philippines,” had its U.S. premiere in 2016 at the Museum of Modern Art’s Doc Fortnight, was screened at the Pompidou Center in February 2017, and was scheduled for a retrospective at the 2018 Seoul Independent Documentary Festival.



John Gianvito worked in the Putnam studio.

The Graphics Studio, converted to its present use in 1972–1974 through a grant from the Putnam Foundation, originally served the property as both a power house and pump house. Well water was pumped from a large cistern to Hillcrest, the Foreman’s Cottage, and the lower buildings closer to Union Street. Inside the building, an engine powered…

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