Discipline: Visual Art – painting

Joshua Aster

Discipline: Visual Art – painting
Region: Inglewood, CA
MacDowell fellowships: Fall 2014

I like when a painting's parts coalesce into an image.

In each painting I'm trying to plot a graph.

Sometimes encounters are outdoors and the sun becomes a crucial element.

Sometimes I'm interested in crossfading distinct layers.

The paintings are results in interweaving of shadows from the edges of multiple objects.

So it feels like it is a recording

The images play with patterns of abstraction.

If I'm out doors painting the colors take on influence from their surroundings, also indoors.

I'm seeking a dimensional divide to put shapes in space while using a drawing to puzzle them in.

Vibe or vibration.

I try and break the image down to the tendrils of paint.

This is a gathering of paintings from the past two years.

Episodic color contortions.

Freeze frame.

Trying to make patterns by making systems into stuff.

Illusionistic space.

Looking in these paintings, thinking about new experiences for each selection. Each time I encounter the painting yeah