Discipline: Literature – nonfiction

Krish Raghav

Discipline: Literature – nonfiction
Region: Beijing, China
MacDowell fellowships: 2019

Krish Raghav is a Beijing-based comic book artist. He’s the lead illustrator of the Concrete & Grass Music Festival in Shanghai. He has over a half-decade of experience at the frontlines of underground music in China, where he’s also a zine-ster and podcaster. He’s been involved with pan-Asian indie music and contemporary culture for most of his life, first as a chronicler of the South Asian musical underground, and subsequently across Singapore, Indonesia, and China.

Krish’s writing and illustration work on music and culture has appeared in the BBC, National Geographic Traveller, GQ, Buzzfeed, Sixth Tone, and India Today. He’s published three independent works of comic book reportageThe Last Grand Fallible Plan (2013), on Singapore’s vibrant 60s pop and psychedelic rock bands, Face Control (2014), a travelogue set in contemporary Moscow, and Estilo Hindu (2016), on urbanism in Mexico City.

His first book-length comic book is forthcoming in 2020 and was awarded a MacDowell Colony Fellowship in 2019.

Krish has a deep interest in contemporary pan-Asian culture, and the creative life of megacities like Jakarta, Beijing, and New Delhi. He currently writes about music for an independent fortnightly newsletter, runs a podcast about songwriting, and helps make the best music festival in China happen.


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Krish Raghav worked in the Phi Beta studio.

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