Discipline: Film/Video – feature

Lev Kalman

Discipline: Film/Video – feature
Region: San Diego, CA
MacDowell fellowships: 2021

Lev Kalman has been making non-commercial, independent films with his collaborator Whitney Horn since 2004. Their distinctive style blends lo-fi 16mm photography, dreamy electronic music, philosophical musings, and steady bursts of absurdist humor.

Lev and Whitney's films: Blondes in the Jungle, L for Leisure, and Two Plains & a Fancy have played at festivals including International Film Festival Rotterdam, BFI London Film Festival, and BAMCinemaFest. L for Leisure was praised as the “movie of the century so far” by The L Magazine, and was among “The 100 Best Films of the Decade” in a Little White Lies critic’s poll. The New Yorker’s Richard Brody included Two Plains & a Fancy among his top films of 2019, calling it, “the most imaginative and visionary recent addition to the [Western] genre.” In 2021, he worked on the feature film Dream Team – a sun-soaked tribute to 90s sexy thrillers mixing fringe science and metaphysics with spandex and jewel tones.



Lev Kalman worked in the Nef studio.

Nef Studio, the first entirely new studio built after 1937, was donated by esteemed photographer, explorer, author, and MacDowell Fellow Evelyn Steffanson Nef in 1992. Endowed funds for the studio’s maintenance in perpetuity and an annual Fellowship for photographers were given in addition to funds for construction. Mrs. Nef said she had known about MacDowell all her…

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