Discipline: Visual Art – photography

Lorna Bieber

Discipline: Visual Art – photography
Region: New York, NY
MacDowell fellowships: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2010

Viewers have never seen my images, yet they “remember” them. My work uses a unique visual language that evokes old memories and conjures new ones.

For the past 30 years I’ve pushed the boundaries of traditional photography. Imagined worlds are created out of existing and invented pictures that are manipulated through an elaborate process of photocopying, painting and collaging. These transformed images barely resemble their starting points.

The result is a series of elegiac grainy black and white pictures of trees, flowers, animals, houses and people, produced either as large single-image photographic murals or wall-sized montages.

Enigmatic and vast, their behemoth scale is of paramount importance. Viewers are transported, immersed – almost enveloped – in these monumental alternative universes.

There are suggestions of narrative, but the stories are left vague and open-ended.

Quietly dramatic, these hauntingly mysterious images create a sublime dreamscape that is both familiar and longed for.

Recent solo shows: George Eastman Museum, Mt Holyoke Art Museum, Addison Gallery of American Art (Artist-in-Residence), Hyde Collection

Selected group shows: Smithsonian, Norton Museum, MFA Houston, Fogg Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Metropolitan Museum

Selected Collections: Metropolitan Museum, Fogg Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Eastman Museum, Norton Museum

Selected Honors: Yaddo, Bellagio, Bogliasco, MacDowell

Photo by Victoria Sambunaris



Lorna Bieber worked in the Firth studio.

Originally a working barn perched atop the namesake hill of Hillcrest Farm, this building was converted to serve the arts in 1956. A grand set of windows was installed to make the large interior suitable for visual artists, bringing in abundant natural light from the north. The addition of a screened porch and accessible entrance ramp…

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