Discipline: Visual Art – mixed media

Maria Casanovas

Discipline: Visual Art – mixed media
Region: New York
MacDowell fellowships: Spring 2012

Maria Providencia is a Spanish artist based in New York. She is inspired by the most immediate experiences and activities of her daily life. She creates images from the relationships she establishes with her living and working spaces to explore issues related to how we build identity with regard to others. Providencia's work addresses the dichotomy of you/me, and the negotiations that we establish between them in order to build our sense of uniqueness. Although the methods and materials may vary from one project to the next they are linked together by subject matter. Each project consists of series of images, some in a range of different media, depending on the space she is examining.

Her work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Chicago, and Vermont. Awarded residencies include MacDowell and Frans Masereel Centrum, Belgium. She has received multiple art grants from the Entitat Autonoma de Difusio Cultural EADC, the Concell Nacional de la Cultura i Les Arts Arts CONCA, Spain. Recently she was awarded a New York Foundation for the Arts NYFA fellowship (2013).



Maria Casanovas worked in the Nef studio.

Nef Studio, the first entirely new studio built after 1937, was donated by esteemed photographer, explorer, author, and MacDowell Fellow Evelyn Steffanson Nef in 1992. Endowed funds for the studio’s maintenance in perpetuity and an annual Fellowship for photographers were given in addition to funds for construction. Mrs. Nef said she had known about MacDowell all her…

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