Discipline: Film/Video – feature

Myriam el Hajj

Discipline: Film/Video – feature
Region: Beirut, Lebanon
MacDowell fellowships: Fall 2016

Myriam el Hajj was born in 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon. She completed her B.A. studies in cinema and theatre at the Lebanese American University where she directed short films and plays.

After working as an assistant director on feature Lebanese films, el Hajj travelled to Paris where she pursued her masters in filmmaking and in theatre. She is also an actress with Les Festinanti, a theater troupe working in the commedia dell'arte genre.

She has directed numerous short films and videos and her first feature documentary, A Time to Rest, was produced in France and Lebanon, and was selected in several festivals. It aired on France 3 Television. She has been teaching cinema and acting for films since 2011 at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA).


New Hampshire

Myriam el Hajj worked in the New Hampshire studio.

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