Discipline: Visual Art – installation

Natalie Bookchin

Discipline: Visual Art – installation
Region: Brooklyn, NY
MacDowell fellowships: Summer 2016
More: bookchin.net

Natalie Bookchin recently completed the film Long Story Short, which premiered at MoMA in New York in February and at the Pompidou in Paris in March of 2016 where it won the Grand Prize at Cinema du Reel festival. Her work is currently featured the premiere exhibition of the new ICP Museum in New York City from June 2016 – January 2017. Bookchin is working on a new video with the working title How to Live that explores contemporary ideas on how to live one’s life, drawing from online archives of “how to” videos, Ted Talks, motivational speeches, and lectures by successful entrepreneurs and billionaire CEOs.



Natalie Bookchin worked in the Alexander studio.

Originally designed to be a visual art gallery, this facility was built in memory of the late John White Alexander and funded by Elizabeth Alexander and their son James. John White Alexander is highly regarded as a portrait painter and, in the early part of the 20th century, served on…

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