More than 8,600 artists have been awarded fellowships to MacDowell, and more than 300 arrive each year. Get to know them.

Since 1907, our mission has been to create a space where inspiration happens on a daily basis. We do that by providing essential support for emerging and established artists by bringing together diverse, multidisciplinary talent to exchange ideas and pursue creative work.

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Sande Zeig

Discipline Theatre – playwriting
Region New York, NY
At MacDowell 1990

Lila Zeiger

Discipline Literature – poetry
Region Great Neck, NY
At MacDowell 1977, 1979, 1983

Gerald Zeigerman

Discipline Literature
Region Philadelphia, PA
At MacDowell 1968

Paul Zelanski

Discipline Visual Art
Region Willington, CT
At MacDowell 1963

David Zellner

Discipline Film/Video – screenplay
At MacDowell 2018

Josh Zeman

Discipline Film/Video
Region New York, NY
At MacDowell 2002, 2012

Alexi Zentner

Discipline Literature – fiction
Region Ithaca, NY
At MacDowell 2015

Emna Zghal

Discipline Visual Art
Region Brooklyn, NY
At MacDowell 2003

O. Zhang

Discipline Visual Art
Region Brooklyn, NY
At MacDowell 2007

Michael Zheng

Discipline Interdisciplinary Art
Region San Mateo, CA
At MacDowell 2005

Quito Ziegler

Discipline Visual Art
Region Brooklyn, NY
At MacDowell 2012

Susan Zielinski

Discipline Literature – poetry
Region Somerville, MA
At MacDowell 2003

Marilyn J. Ziffrin

Discipline Music Composition
Region South Sutton, NH
At MacDowell 1961, 1963, 1971, 1977, 1980, 1989

Andrew Zimmerman

Discipline Visual Art – painting
Region Maplewood, NJ
At MacDowell 2019

Andrew P. Zimmermann

Discipline Visual Art – photography
Region Arlington, VA
At MacDowell 2013
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