Discipline: Visual Art – painting

Patricia Smith

Discipline: Visual Art – painting
Region: Umbria, Italy
MacDowell fellowships: 1976, 1977

I am a figurative painter. I paint from life. The still life is my main interest among the subjects that I have investigated as a painter and etcher. In still life I have primarily explored the secret life and the dialogue between the objects I paint. My focus has been on imperfect objects observed in moments of rest, and on the timelessness of these bits and pieces of life and beauty found at unexpected moments. I am chiefly intrigued by their interconnectedness.

However, the concept of my work is evolving away from exploring symbolic subjects in peaceful dialogue and I am focusing on works dominated by more dynamic interactions. An aspect to which I mean to give more attention is light and color relationships, generating a sense of energy, vibration, and movement, speaking to a need for a more animated image. The subject I am exploring at the moment is landscape, and in particular I am developing a series of large oil paintings, working directly in the extensive castle garden of my Umbrian village. Hundreds of years old, and once a formal garden but now abandoned, it is a place of wonder and mystery. A secret garden.