Discipline: Film/Video

Rea Tajiri

Discipline: Film/Video
Region: Philadelphia, PA
MacDowell fellowships: 2004
Rea Tajiri is a Japanese American video artist, filmmaker, and screenwriter. Tajiri was born in Chicago and attended California Institute of the Arts, and worked as a producer on various film and video projects in Los Angeles and New York. Her video art has been included in the 1989, 1991, and 1993 Whitney Biennials. Her work has also been exhibited at The New Museum for Contemporary Art, The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim Museum, The Walker Art Museum, and the Pacific Film Archives. Tajiri is a 2015 recipient of a Pew Fellowship in the Arts. She partnered with Japanese Canadian author Kerri Sakamoto to write a coming-of-age story about a Japanese American girl in Chicago in the 1970s, resulting in Strawberry Fields, shot in 1994 with funding from CPB, NEA, and ITVS. The film stars Suzy Nakamura, James Sie, Chris Tashima, and Takayo Fischer, and was completed in 1997, screening at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival. It also was selected to the Venice International Film Festival and won the Grand Prix at the Fukuoka Asian Film Festival.



Rea Tajiri worked in the Putnam studio.

The Graphics Studio, converted to its present use in 1972–1974 through a grant from the Putnam Foundation, originally served the property as both a power house and pump house. Well water was pumped from a large cistern to Hillcrest, the Foreman’s Cottage, and the lower buildings closer to Union Street. Inside the building, an engine powered…

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