Discipline: Literature – translation

Stina Katchadourian

Discipline: Literature – translation
Region: Stanford, CA
MacDowell fellowships: 1996

Stina Katchadourian is a Finnish-born translator living in the United States who is published in both English and Swedish. She holds a B.A. from the University of Helsinki and an M.A. from Stanford University. She has translated much Finnish-Swedish literature into English, including poems by Märta Tikkanen and Edith Södergran and several books by Tua Forsström, such as Efter att ha tillbringat en natt bland hästar and Jag studerade en gång vid en under bar fakultet. Her original books include the 1994 Efronia: An Armenian Love Story and most recently, a memoir entitled Lappkungens dotter (Finnish) or The Lapp King's Daughter: A Family Journey Through Finland's Wars (English) was published in 2010.



Stina Katchadourian worked in the Banks studio.

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