An Interdisciplinary Study of Time Alyson Shotz: Temporal Shift

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As part of the Arts Initiative’s interdisciplinary study of time, Grace Farms Foundation presents Temporal Shift, a site-responsive sculpture that interacts with natural light, animating an interior courtyard of the SANAA-designed River building at Grace Farms.

The elliptical form references Earth’s orbital pathway around the Sun over the course of a calendar year, and is itself a marker of our time and place in the universe. Throughout the day the artwork reveals reflections and shadows in the landscape and on the surrounding architecture, providing an opportunity to consider the times in which we find ourselves, and those towards which we aspire.

Grace Farms Foundation, 365 Lukes Wood Road, New Canaan, CT 06840, USA
Discipline: Visual Art – sculpture

Alyson Shotz

Discipline: Visual Art – sculpture
Region: Brooklyn, NY
MacDowell fellowships: 2022