Giving Tuesday

Welcome to our Campaign to Sustain! This year for #GivingTuesday, we are highlighting MacDowell's environmental efforts and some of the folks who have witnessed or shaped our transformation. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @MacDowell1907 to hear and see these stories! With our ongoing work and your generous support, together we will sustain MacDowell for many years to come.

Everything we do comes from our commitment to serve artists. We work hard to ethically manage our 450 acres of beautiful private forest, pathways, gardens, and solar panels so that, many generations into the future, artists will always have these places to roam and seek inspiration. We need your help to continue doing this work. Your gift today will ensure we continue to support artists tomorrow.

Every gift makes an impact, but a gift of $500 will earn you the right to name one of MacDowell’s chickens. Our Rhode Island Reds peck around, eating the grubs and pests that threaten crops, providing natural fertilizer, and oxygenating the soil with all their scratching around. In the MacDowell kitchen, we use their fresh eggs to whip up nourishing meals and treats for the artists in residence. Show these ladies some appreciation by choosing a beautiful name!

Every individual who donates during our #GivingTuesday Campaign to Sustain will be entered into a drawing for a chance to name one of our chickens! We'll announce the winner on Wednesday, December 1!

Join us! Donate to our #GivingTuesday Campaign to Sustain today. Give once, or consider making your gift a recurring one. Thank you giving artists the freedom to create!

The newly named chickens for 2021, with the generous individuals who provided their names, are as follows:
Eggatha, named by Lynn Bassler
Look Look, named by Stacey and Flora Bosworth
Olive, named by Rosanne Cash
Lady Gaga, named by Kate CoonJoJo and Harmony, both named by Alice Elliott Dark
Becket, named by Jeffrey Egan
Carmela, named by Marissa Franklin
Yentl, named by Philip Himberg
Dixie Chick, named by Anne Locher
Takamure Itsue, named by Craig Mod
Amy Beach, named by Robin Rausch
Muriel Spark, named by Michael Stamm
Plum, named by Stephanie Wallach
Kiang, named by Jasmine Wu

Other ways to give

To learn more about other ways to give to MacDowell, please take a look at these other opportunities.

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