Experimental Video Artist Ziyang Wu Recommends Inspirational Videos

"The following videos have inspired me greatly in my work in the medium. I hope you enjoy them!" says interdisciplinary artist Ziyang Wu. (Caution: strong language ahead)

Ian Cheng's trilogy titled Emissaries is a live simulation work in which people interact in an immersive computer-designed world (or to put it more straightforwardly: AI-generated animations).

This is a link to a 10-minute excerpt of Emissaries and an interview between Ian Cheng and Stuart Comer, on MoMA's website.

This is a link to a great documentary of Ian Cheng's work on Louisiana Channel.

Hito Steyerl's How Not to be Seen: A F@%!ing Didactic Educational .MOV File on Artforum's website.

Cao Fei's
Whose Utopia on UBU Web.

Omer Fast's
The Casting on UBU Web.