Discipline: Theatre – libretto

Amy Stebbins

Discipline: Theatre – libretto
Region: Dortmund, GERMANY
MacDowell fellowships: 2022

Amy Stebbins is a director and dramatist working at the intersection of contemporary opera, new media, and research. Her opera Mauerschau was awarded the Festival Prize at the Bavarian State Opera in 2016.

Stebbins work has been shown at institutions such as the Bavarian State Opera, the Frankfurt Opera, and the Deutsche Opera Berlin. Her artistic training took place at the Berlin Volksbühne under the auspices of the Fulbright Foundation. She received a B.A. in history and literature from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Germanic studies and cinema and media studies at The University of Chicago.

Together with composer Hauke Berheide, Amy is the co-founder of New Opera Dialogues, an artist-led platform to promote international dialogue about aesthetics and best institutional practices for contemporary opera.

At MacDowell, Amy developed the concept and scenario for a new immersive chamber opera for the Augsburg State Theater with Hauke Berheide. The piece is a mixed-reality opera based on Susanna Clarke's novel Piranesi. She is also currently developing new operas for the Frankfurt Opera and the Neuköllner Oper (Berlin).


Phi Beta

Amy Stebbins worked in the Phi Beta studio.

Funded by the Phi Beta Fraternity, a national professional fraternity of music and speech founded in 1912, Phi Beta Studio was built from 1929–1931 of granite quarried on the MacDowell grounds. The small studio is very simple in design, but displays a pleasing combination of materials with its granite walls and colorful slate roofing. Inside is a…

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