Fellows Engagement Committee

A large group of people are photographed from above. They are standing in a small room and are holding up a large banner that reads "2023 Fellows Reunion"

The Fellows Engagement Committee (FEC) is made up of artists who have been in residence at MacDowell. The FEC generates and communicates the ideas, opinions, and suggestions of MacDowell Fellows to MacDowell’s executive director and board members. New committee members are chosen by existing FEC members from a pool of willing volunteers who express interest and enthusiasm.

The FEC aims to be a rotating, ever-refreshing pool of backgrounds and input. To that end, FEC volunteers serve for two or three years.

The FEC meets with MacDowell’s executive director four times a year in New York. In addition to providing feedback on the residency experience from an artist’s perspective, the committee plans and organizes the Annual Fellows Party, a fantastic fall bash to which all MacDowell Fellows (and their partners, spouses, and friends) are invited. The event raises money for the residency program that, in the past, has been directed to provide such things as computers and e-mail service, bicycles and their repairs, and a public address system. Some FEC gifts have later been adopted as regular fixtures in the MacDowell budget, such as the real maple syrup that greets breakfasters in the dining room.

The Fellows Engagement Committee exists to serve all MacDowell artists. Any questions, ideas, or suggestions about residency life or any program-related issue can be emailed to the FEC by
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