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With the freedom to create, artists explore new mediums or forms, start afresh or finally finish, or make important breakthroughs midway. MacDowell is here to lend support through these periods of flux or frenzy. In fact, we often hear back from our Fellows, like poet Christopher Kondrich, that their residency was a time of profound personal and professional change.

My experience at MacDowell could not have been better or more productive. The time and care that MacDowell puts into every aspect of the residency experience enabled me to put my work first, and also the space I needed to revitalize myself creatively. I see my time at MacDowell as a turning point, and I can now see clearly the path I need to take to finish my new manuscript.

By making your tax-deductible donation, you will enable artists to reach new heights in their work and careers. Every dollar counts! Make a one-time gift today or consider becoming a sustainer with a monthly recurring gift.

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