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By offering the freedom to create, MacDowell supports artists throughout the entire creative process, from the kernel of an idea to the final revisions, and even the restorative dormancy between one project and the next. We rely on you, our community, to join us in this mission. By making your tax-deductible donation, you enable artists to explore new mediums or forms, start afresh or finally finish, or make important breakthroughs midway.

Every dollar counts! Make a one-time gift today or consider becoming a sustainer with a monthly recurring gift. It's automatic: You just sign up once by ticking the box below marked “Make this a monthly gift,” and you can cancel at any time. The following words, from MacDowell Fellow in theatre arts Tina Fakhrid-Deen, paint a perfect picture of how profound it feels to be a monthly recurring donor to MacDowell, supporting the arts season after season, year after year:

"The world needs great art right now, so we must keep tilling fertile space for artists to plant seeds and imagine new futures. Today’s action is tomorrow’s harvest."

Other ways to give

To learn more about other ways to give to MacDowell, please take a look at these other opportunities.

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