Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – performance

Clare Dolan

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – performance
Region: Glover, VT
MacDowell Fellowships: 2004

Clare Dolan is a Nurse/Puppeteer and the Founder and Chief Operating Philosopher of the Museum of Everyday Life in Glover, Vermont. Her early interest in object collection and experience as a touring puppeteer with the Bread and Puppet Theater informs the mission of the Museum to explore, analyze and celebrate banal but beloved objects we touch every day. Dolan’s work appropriates the visual vocabulary of the Museum (drawers, cabinets, vitrines, frames, titles and labels, pedestals, wall text, etc.) and the performative vocabulary of museums (guided tours, docents, security guards, educational lectures, surveys, promotional posters, maps and cordons and barriers). These familiar devices are re-assembled into installations and performances that challenge the notions of culture and upend understanding of the mundane and the extraordinary.



Clare Dolan worked in the Firth studio.

Originally a working barn perched atop the namesake hill of Hillcrest Farm, this building was converted to serve the arts in 1956. A grand set of windows was installed to make the large interior suitable for visual artists, bringing in abundant natural light from the north. The addition of a screened porch and accessible entrance ramp…

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