Discipline: Film/Video – experimental

Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah

Discipline: Film/Video – experimental
Region: Stewartsville, NJ
MacDowell Fellowships: 2023

Hailing from a tiny town in Jersey, Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah brings a fresh perspective to storytelling, shaped by her upbringing as the daughter of immigrant parents from Ghana and St. Lucia. She’s fueled by a deep passion for experimental filmmaking and writing, injecting her work with influences of the cultures she embodies.

Her works have garnered recognition from numerous film competitions, including Fusion Film Festival, Raindance Festival, Cinequest, Toronto Black Film Festival and NFFTY. Ewurakua was awarded a Clio Award for her piece, Noitamalcer, and was in the top three of Shots New Director of the Year award.

Her film To the Girl That Looks Like Me was named a finalist for the Student Academy Awards in the alternative/experimental category. The film was part of the Scene in Color Film Series, presented by Target and featured on Rotten Tomatoes, MovieClips Indie Channel, Peacock, and the NBC App.

At MacDowell, Ewurakua made progress on several creative projects, including the first draft of an experimental performance piece and the completion of a narrative short film script set for pre-production in 2024. She also worked on the initial draft of what will be her first fiction novel and contributed poems for an upcoming poetry anthology book.



Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah worked in the Wood studio.

Wood Studio, given to the residency program by Mrs. Frederick Trevor Hill, was completed in 1913 in memory of Mrs. Hill’s mother, Helen Ogden Wood. Like Schelling Studio, the building is sided with large, overlapping pieces of hemlock bark. When the studio was renovated in 1995, MacDowell staff researched the origins of this unusual building material and…

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