Discipline: Theatre – playwriting

Francisco Mendoza

Discipline: Theatre – playwriting
Region: Brooklyn, NY
MacDowell Fellowships: 2021

Francisco Mendoza was born in the wine region of Mendoza, Argentina, and even as a kid he was passionate about storytelling, spending every house-chores-earned peso at the used book store. He dreamed of traveling the world like his literary heroes, a dream that became real when he was 12 and his family relocated to Brazil. After graduating from Journalism school, he pursued a career in marketing, but the child reader in him kept pushing him to tell stories, and he eventually received a fellowship at the Tisch School of the Arts' dramatic writing M.F.A. program. Moving countries a second time, Francisco is now pursuing a cross-medium career in New York, which has thus far spanned plays, a full season of a podcasts, and a few opinion pieces (as well as the odd short story).

During his time at MacDowell, he worked on his first novel, a magical and heavily fictionalized account of his mother's life. For more about his work and a comprehensive (if boring) list of credits, visit notrealmendoza.com.

Portrait by Daniel J. Vasquez



Francisco Mendoza worked in the Banks studio.

Banks, an ell on the north end of the Lodge dormitory, was first used as an artist’s studio in 1970. Since then, it has played host to an extraordinary list of writers working in several disciplines. In all seasons, Fellows have enjoyed the pastoral view through the French doors facing a field…

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