Discipline: Literature

Igor Yefimov

Discipline: Literature
Region: Ann Arbor, MI
MacDowell Fellowships: 1981

Igor Markovich Yefimov or Igor Efimov is an American philosopher, historian, writer and publisher of Russian origin. Some of his works were published under the pen name Andrei Moscovit. Together with Boris Vakhtin [ru], Sergei Dovlatov, Vladimir Gubin [ru], and Vladimir Maramzin [ru], he founded the Leningrad writers' group "Townspeople" (Gorozhane [ru]), whose works circulated in samizdat. He is also the founder of Hermitage Publishers; a company specializing in Russian writers.

In 1960, he graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. He then attended the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute; graduating in 1973. He joined the Union of Soviet Writers in 1965. He originally wrote stories for children and pieces for Soviet radio and television as well as screenplays. It was not known until after he left the Soviet Union, in 1978 by way of Austria, that he had written Practical Metaphysics and Metapolitics under the pseudonym Andrei Moscovit.

After arriving in the United States, he worked for Ardis Publishing until 1981, when he established his own company to print works, both contemporary and classic, that could not be published in the USSR. The writers who were first presented by Heritage include Sergei Averintsev, Vasily Aksyonov, Fridrikh Gorenstein, Lev Losev, Anatoly Naiman, Ernst Neizvestny and Mark Popovsky [ru].

Since 1991, most of his work has appeared in Russia. Many originally appeared in the literary journal Zvezda (Star). In 2005, he published The Noble Prankster, a memoir of Joseph Brodsky. This was followed by a new work of philosophy, The Shameful Mystery of Inequality. Five of his works are available in English and a book on the Assassination of President Kennedy was published in France.



Igor Yefimov worked in the Chapman studio.

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