Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art

Kenneth Collins

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art
Region: United States
MacDowell fellowships: 2009

Kenneth Collins is an interdisciplinary artist and performer based in New York City. His work explores the potential tensions found between practices in visual art, theater, cinema, and music.

He formed the performance group Temporary Distortion. Its latest work MY VOICE HAS AN ECHO IN IT is a six-hour, installation-based performance with live music, text, and video, unfolding in a fully enclosed 24-foot x 6-foot hallway encased by two-way mirrored windows. In this long-duration work, spectators watch the performance at listening stations positioned along the outside perimeter of the installation and are provided headphones with individual volume controls for hearing everything that is happening inside.

The piece uses live instruments, spoken text, and song to create a complex and densely layered soundscape. While the audience can see inside the installation, the performer sees only his reflection in the two-way mirror. Viewers are encouraged to come and go throughout the six hours of the event.



Kenneth Collins worked in the Barnard studio.

Originally built near Union Street, the Barnard Studio — which was funded by Barnard College music students — was re-located to its current site in 1910. When the small structure was moved to its current location, its size was doubled with the addition of a second room. This remodeling, financed by Mrs. Thomas E. Emery…

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