Discipline: Film/Video

Louise Bourque

Discipline: Film/Video
Region: Malden, MA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2006

Louise Bourque is an Acadian French Canadian filmmaker who recently relocated to Montreal after 25 years of absence, 20 of which were spent in the U.S. where she taught cinema. Her films have been screened in 50 countries across five continents and broadcast on PBS and the Sundance Channel in as well as on Radio-Québec, and SBS in Australia. Bourque's work has been presented at the Musée de la Civilisation and the Galerie nationale in Québec, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and at the Museum of Modern Art and at the Whitney Museum of American Art among other major galleries and museums worldwide. Screenings at international festivals include Toronto, Sundance, Rotterdam, Tribeca, San Francisco, Kerala, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and London. Bourque has had several solo shows and was the featured artist at a variety of venues and events including The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, The Cinematheque Ontario (Toronto), The Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston), The Millennium Film Workshop (New York), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge), the San Francisco Cinematheque, Images Festival in Toronto and The Canadian Film Institute in Ottawa. Over the years, Bourque's films have received several awards and honors and she has been the recipient of many prestigious grants for her work.


Van Zorn (formerly Kirby)

Louise Bourque worked in the Van Zorn (formerly Kirby) studio.

Constructed thanks to a bequest from Sarah L. Kirby, Kirby Studio was the last new building to be erected during Mrs. MacDowell’s leadership (1907-1951). The load-bearing masonry walls were laid by local mason Augustus Beaulieu atop a fieldstone foundation. A 1995 renovation preserved the brick fireplace with wooden mantel and…

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