Discipline: Visual Art – mixed media

Luis Romero

Discipline: Visual Art – mixed media
Region: Chicago, IL
MacDowell Fellowships: 2022

Luis Romero is a visual artist born in Mexico, raised in Puerto Rico, and currently living and working in Chicago. He completed his M.F.A. in painting and drawing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his B.A. in philosophy, literature, and film at Boston University.

Luis constructs assemblages primarily of paper, cardboard, and canvas. He uses pattern and layering of materials to create a visual space rich in ambiguity, and which allows the pieces to grow organically. He thinks of his works as organisms that contain an uncertain space and that are visible to the world through their visual pulsation – as if “the teleporter in the original Star Trek series left travelers caught halfway in the process of dematerialization and re-materialization.”

His work is in public and private collections in the U.S. and Europe in places such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, U.S. Department of State, and the Fidelity Corporate Collection, among many others.

While at MacDowell, Luis worked on multiple paintings, drawings, and installations. He investigated how to incorporate negative space into his pieces as they expanded; and how to make the work become the material and the absence of the material.



Luis Romero worked in the Firth studio.

Originally a working barn perched atop the namesake hill of Hillcrest Farm, this building was converted to serve the arts in 1956. A grand set of windows was installed to make the large interior suitable for visual artists, bringing in abundant natural light from the north. The addition of a screened porch and accessible entrance ramp…

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