Discipline: Literature – fiction

M.K. Foster

Discipline: Literature – fiction
Region: Birmingham, AL
MacDowell Fellowships: 2024

Dr. M.K. Foster is a poet, fiction writer, and historian of science from Alabama. Written in tandem, her creative and critical works thrive on a symbiotic relationship rooted in her archival research on monstrosity, horror, sharks, cartography, and apocalypses in the Renaissance imagination. She has been named the 2025 Fulbright U.S. Scholar in Creative Writing to Queen's University Belfast and will be abroad in Northern Ireland in 2025.

Dr. Foster’s creative works have appeared or are forthcoming in The American Poetry Review, The Gettysburg Review, Narrative, Kenyon Review, and other publications. She has presented her research at the National Museum of Denmark, the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Newberry Library, the Renaissance Society of America, and elsewhere.

While at MacDowell, she finished mapping the narrative infrastructure for her novel, Velvet, and drafted ten new chapters for its manuscript. The novel is a ghostly parable set in a just-so story universe of her own invention that blends southern Gothicism and dark fabulism with early modern research in the backworlds of Alabama.



M.K. Foster worked in the Veltin studio.

Veltin Studio was donated by alumni of the Veltin School, a school for girls in New York with a highly respected visual arts department. As the plaque just outside the entrance attests, this studio was used by poet Edwin Arlington Robinson during most of the 24 summers he spent at MacDowell. Perhaps most famously, Thornton Wilder put the finishing…

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