Discipline: Literature – poetry

Meena Alexander

Discipline: Literature – poetry
Region: New York, NY
MacDowell Fellowships: 1993, 1998

Meena Alexander (1951-2018) was an internationally acclaimed poet, scholar, and writer. Born in Allahabad, India, and raised in India and Sudan, Alexander was Distinguished Professor of English at Hunter College and at the CUNY Graduate Center in the Ph.D. program in English. She is the author of numerous collections of poetry, literary memoirs, essays, and works of fiction and literary criticism. She turned five on the Indian Ocean, during the journey with her mother from India to Sudan. She was raised both in Kerala, South India and in Khartoum, Sudan. At 18 she went to England for her studies. She earned a B.A. Honors in French and English from Khartoum University and a Ph.D. from Nottingham University. Birthplace with Buried Stones (Fall 2013) was her seventh book of poetry. She also published three earlier volumes of poetry published in India.


Phi Beta

Meena Alexander worked in the Phi Beta studio.

Funded by the Phi Beta Fraternity, a national professional fraternity of music and speech founded in 1912, Phi Beta Studio was built between 1929–1931 of granite quarried on the MacDowell grounds. The small studio is a simple in design, but displays a pleasing combination of materials with its granite walls and colorful slate roofing. Inside is…

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