Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art

Olalekan Jeyifous

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art
Region: New York
MacDowell fellowships: Winter 2016

My artwork is strongly rooted in “borrowed and invented narratives.” More often than not these narratives explore comprehensive visions of urban Utopias/Dystopias that converge at the intersection of architecture, emerging technologies, and culture; anchoring them with direct relevance to contemporary social issues in ways that communicate their participation in, and alienation from the larger world. As a Nigerian-born U.S. citizen, my formative years were marked by constantly moving and perpetually adapting to new places, and my work often responds to either the anxiety or potential of these spaces, and how one navigates, maps, and perceives them. As a means of articulating these narratives, my creative process regularly combines digital sketches and 3D computer modeling with photographs, hand-drawing, and collage, in order to produce detailed yet whimsical illustrations, video installations, speculative photo-montages, and mobile architectural constructs.


Eastman (formerly Shop)

Olalekan Jeyifous worked in the Eastman (formerly Shop) studio.

Thanks to the generous support of MacDowell Fellow and board member Louise Eastman, a century-old farm building has been reinvented as a modern, energy efficient live and workspace for visual artists. Originally built to provide storage when the residency program was expanding, this small barn was simply converted for studio use in the mid-1950s with the…

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