Discipline: Visual Art – sculpture

Shari Mendelson

Discipline: Visual Art – sculpture
Region: Brooklyn, NY
MacDowell fellowships: 2018

Shari Mendelson is a sculptor who gathers inspiration from ancient art and reinterprets these works in repurposed plastic. She has had solo shows at Todd Merrill Studio, John Davis Gallery, Pierogi, and Black and Herron Space. While at MacDowell, she continued to explore new themes and structures within this body of work, focusing on a series of pieces that combined animals, fertility figures, and vessels. Related pieces will be included in a 2018 show "Handheld" at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. The work made at MacDowell will be included in Mendelson's solo show "Glasslike" at the Agnes Varis Art Center in Brooklyn in 2018. Mendelson received a Guggenheim Foundation Grant and a New York Foundation For the Arts Award in 2017.



Shari Mendelson worked in the Firth studio.

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