Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – multimedia installation

Shaun Irons

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – multimedia installation
Region: Brooklyn, NY
MacDowell fellowships: 2007, 2017

Shaun Irons is a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist working in collaboration with Lauren Petty. The pair regularly collaborate under the name AutomaticRelease and work in the intersection between interdisciplinary performance, multimedia installation, documentary, and experimental film. Recent projects include All Over Everywhere - a live cine-performance conjured through the interplay of otherworldly video and sound, intoned words, movement, and spectral glitches. This innovative work is a requiem for an imperiled planet, a hymn to the natural world, and a response to the anxieties and losses of the past two years.

In residence in 2017, they developed a live cine-performance called Why Why Always that premiered at Abrons Arts Center (New York) in fall of that year.

Currently, they are developing All That Is Seen in Unseen, an interdisciplinary, live performance installation and opera that investigates the boundaries of truth and reality, and the multifarious effects of technology on our collective human consciousness. Shaun and Lauren are also working on Lessons In Lost Time, a highly visual and poetic feature film focusing on a woman (a psychologically fraying actress) experiencing a neurological breakdown resulting in mysterious bouts of amnesia, mutating identities, and blackouts.



Shaun Irons worked in the Mixter studio.

Built in 1927–1930, the Florence Kilpatrick Mixter Studio was funded by its namesake and designed by the architect F. Winsor, Jr., who also designed MacDowell's original Savidge Library in 1925. Mixter Studio, solidly built of yellow and grey-hued granite, once had sweeping views of Pack Monadnock to the east. The small building was originally entered on the…

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