Discipline: Film/Video – experimental

Sofía Velázquez

Discipline: Film/Video – experimental
Region: Lima, PERU
MacDowell fellowships: 2022

Film and video artist Sofía Velázquez is interested in working with words, highlighting different filmmaking techniques, and exploring the ways and extents to which fantasy and fiction exist in our real lives. She is interested in small, everyday stories that speak to the human condition and includes poetry in her work because it is, as she puts it, “at the same time: disorder, intersections, loose ideas, desire, wonder, simplicity, and a lot of play.” Sofía premiered her most recent film at the Mar del Plata Film Festival where she received a special mention from the jury in the Latin American Competition.

Sofía arrived at MacDowell with a digital audiovisual archive that she intended to turn into an essay film. During her residency, the aforementioned material became a device to create a new film project built from a process of writing, editing, and restructuring.

Portrait by Jao Yamunaque


Irving Fine

Sofía Velázquez worked in the Irving Fine studio.

Youngstown Studio was given to MacDowell by friends of Miss Myra McKeown in Youngstown, OH, where she promoted both art and music. It was renamed Irving Fine Studio in 1972 in honor of Irving Fine, a distinguished composer, conductor, and teacher who was a MacDowell Fellow during the 1940s and 1950s. The simple interior of the studio…

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