Discipline: Music Composition

Sunyeong Pak

Discipline: Music Composition
Region: Natick, MA
MacDowell fellowships: 2023

Sunyeong Pak is a composer and pianist whose work seeks a highly refined sense of orchestration, imaginative process, and interdisciplinarity. Sunyeong’s compositional interests have centered on visualizing musical performance by employing theatrical aspects, and her pieces have been supported with grants from the Ministère de la Culture, Royaumont Fondation in France, and the Arts Council in Korea.

Pak’s works have been performed and/or commissioned by several ensembles in Europe, the U.S., and South Korea, including Ensemble Court-Circuit, Meitar Ensemble, Ulysses Ensemble, University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble, Ensemble Multilatérale, Les Métaboles, ECCE Ensemble, Mivos Quartet, Yarn/Wire, and Avanti Chamber Orchestra, to name a few. Her works have been performed at numerous venues such as the Académie Voix Nouvelles (Royaumont Fondation), June in Buffalo, ARCO (Marseille, France), Yarn/Wire Institute, Etching Festival (Auvillar, France), and Sävellyspaja (Porvoo, Finland).

At MacDowell, Pak worked on a piece titled The Moment IV for 5 Musicians. In this piece, she proposed to make associations between each moment and gesture to provide the audience a new listening experience. This piece is the fourth in her project “The Moment” and has been supported with grants from Seoul Cultural Foundation 2020 and Arts Council Korea 2022.



Sunyeong Pak worked in the Kirby studio.

Erected in memory of Sarah L. Kirby, who had left a bequest to MacDowell, this studio was the first — and remains the only — brick building on the grounds. Built by local mason Augustus Beaulieu, the load-bearing masonry walls rest on a fieldstone foundation. The design of the boxlike building is simple and compact…

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