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New Fellowships for Artists Working on LGBT-Themes in Performance

Jessica Viada - November 4, 2014

Type: Artist News, Fellowships

Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation supports artists working on LGBT themes in performance-based projects.

New fellowships from the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation will support MacDowell residencies for artists working on LGBT themes in performance-based work. The $20,000 grant, which is also the largest award the foundation has ever given, is the first at MacDowell designated specifically for LGBT-themes.

Over the new four years, the Arch and Bruce Brown Fellowships will be awarded to artists inspired by history and working on LGBT-themed theatre, music, choreography, or interdisciplinary genres intended for stage settings. While MacDowell residencies have supported many works on these subjects from the essays of James Baldwin to the Pulitzer Prize-winning theatre work of Doug Wright, this grant reflects the Colony’s mission of fostering freedom of expression and a diverse artist community. Candidates for the Fellowships will be selected annually from artists who have successfully completed the standard MacDowell application process.

Since 1996, the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation has sponsored yearly literary competitions, awarding prizes for plays and fiction dealing with LGBT history or placing lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender characters in historical settings. Over the years, dozens of theater companies and other arts organizations have also benefited from the foundation’s production grants.