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Yan Ge

Discipline Literature – fiction
Region Norwich, UK
At MacDowell 2022

Calley Anderson

Discipline Theatre – playwriting
Region Brooklyn, NY
At MacDowell 2022

Eve Ewing

Discipline Literature – nonfiction
Region Chicago, IL
At MacDowell 2022

Cynthia Oliver

Discipline Interdisciplinary Art – movement
Region Urbana, IL
At MacDowell 2022

Kang Seung Lee

Discipline Visual Art – drawing
Region Pasadena, CA
At MacDowell 2022

Couch Family Foundation Fellowship

The Couch Family Foundation partners with organizations serving the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire and Vermont. We support people and programs working to improve children’s health and well-being, early learning and development, family resiliency, and community vibrancy. This Fellowship was established to support a New Hampshire-based artist in any…
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Ruby Hansen Murray

Discipline Literature – fiction
Region Cathlamet, WA
At MacDowell 2022
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