Discipline: Literature

Alexander Meiklejohn

Discipline: Literature
MacDowell Fellowships: 1931, 1933

Alexander Meiklejohn (1872-1964) was a philosopher, university administrator, educational reformer, and free-speech advocate. He served as dean of Brown University and president of Amherst College. In the same year, he began teaching at Brown. In 1901 he became dean of the school, a position he held for twelve years. The first-year advising program at Brown now bears his name. From 1913 to 1923 he was president of Amherst College. After being asked to resign from that position, he proposed to open a new, experimental liberal arts college. He was unable to develop adequate funding for creating an entirely new school, but he was invited by Glenn Frank, new president of the University of Wisconsin, to create the Experimental College there, which ran from 1927 to 1932. He then moved to Berkeley, California and founded the School of Social Studies in San Francisco, an adult education program focusing on "great books" and American democracy. His books span the period from 1920 to 1960. He died in Berkeley, California in 1964.

He was marries to Helen Meiklejohn



Alexander Meiklejohn worked in the Schelling studio.

Marian MacDowell funded construction of this studio the year that the organization was established and the first artists arrived for residency. It was called Bark Studio until 1933, when it was renamed in honor of Ernest Schelling, a composer, pianist, and orchestral leader who served as president of what was then called the Edward MacDowell…

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