Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art

Amy Jenkins

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art
Region: Peterborough, NH
MacDowell Fellowships: 1998, 1999

It is my goal to reinvigorate our conceptions of self and situation through visceral, visual storytelling, primarily with time and lens-based works. I am fascinated with the unraveling of reality where the commonplace becomes surprising and unexpected. Often personal in nature, my work finds—in the comfort of the familiar and familial, in the crevices of the interior and domestic sphere—the nearly invisible filaments that connect us to each other and to the wider world.


Amy Jenkins is an artist and filmmaker whose work has been exhibited and screened internationally. She is best known for her work with the moving image combined with sculpture. Her installations, which focus on themes such as familial relationships, desire, and the male/female identity, have been exhibited at museums including The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, NY; The Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel; Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum, Linz, Austria; and Palm Beach ICA, FL. Jenkins’ recent work, in documentary film, continues to focus on visceral and emotional themes that offer a window into intimate moments of life. Jenkins’ newest work-in-progress, a feature length documentary entitled Instructions on Parting, is a meditation on the birth-death continuum. The film follows the concurrent cancer illnesses of her mother, sister, and brother, and the coinciding births of her daughter and son.

In addition to being a Fellow, Jenkins served on the MacDowell's 100 Anniversary Commission in 2008.



Amy Jenkins worked in the Adams studio.

Given to the MacDowell Association by Margaret Adams of Chicago, the half-timbered, stuccoed Adams Studio was designed by MacDowell Fellow and architect F. Tolles Chamberlin ca. 1914. Chamberlin was primarily a painter, but also provided designs for the Lodge and an early renovation of the main hall. The studio’s structural integrity was restored during a thorough renovation in…

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