Discipline: Literature – fiction

Bolaji Odofin

Discipline: Literature – fiction
Region: Lagos, NIGERIA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2017

After her music teacher staggered in horror at the sounds that issued from her larynx, and kept changing rehearsal venues so she and her musically gifted friends couldn't find him, Bolaji Odofin travelled back in time to write and direct her first play for her school at age 11. To unwind from the rigours of time travel she buried herself in her father's library, which she is alleged to have read to tatters. "I didn't do it!" she told her parents with a hand to her heart, the offending contraband in plain sight. Clearly destined for a career in law, she leapt to the future to receive a few fellowships and grants, before going back in time again to pen her first article for a national magazine at age 15. Bolaji was publishing two magazines in her twenties. She ran an imports business for a few years before taking a long break to rediscover herself and volunteer full time. Her first professional play was awarded a prize, as was her second. She wrote her first novel, Tiger in the Sand, and began a second, Ye Gods, under a writing scholarship. She worked on the latter and another play, Sons of the Morning, during her MacDowell Fellowship. After taking a year off to write and advance her legal studies, Bolaji resumed duties at her company. She is interested not just in literature but in exploring the intersections of science, technology, and art, and is currently researching quantum mechanics and the philosophy of science, with future projects in mind.



Bolaji Odofin worked in the Heyward studio.

The Lodge Annex, a wing on the west side of the men’s dormitory (The Lodge), was completed in 1926. Initially intended as an apartment for a caretaker, the space was soon repurposed as a live-in studio for writers. In recognition of a major endowment gift from the DuBose and Dorothy Heyward Foundation, Lodge Annex was…

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