Discipline: Film/Video

Brian Kellman

Discipline: Film/Video
Region: New York, NY
MacDowell Fellowships: 1979, 1980

Brian Kellman is a director of photography and an audio-visual producer in the film and video industry. He studied film at Boston University where he participated in a faculty-sponsored International Institute Advanced Studied in Cinema program in France. He has provided services for documentaries, children’s programming, concerts, web videos, satellite media tours, medical education, corporate events, and more. He worked on Emmy-winning documentaries Hospice: To Die As We Lived and Life on Jupiter: The Story of Jens Nygaard, Musician. He boasts a MacDowell Fellowship, two appearances in Who’s Who in Entertainment, an additional feature in Who’s Who of Emerging Leaders in America, and five credits on “Sesame Street.”



Brian Kellman worked in the Schelling studio.

Marian MacDowell funded construction of this studio the year that the organization was established and the first artists arrived for residency. It was called Bark Studio until 1933, when it was renamed in honor of Ernest Schelling, a composer, pianist, and orchestral leader who served as president of what was then called the Edward MacDowell…

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