Discipline: Theatre – playwriting

Charlotte Meehan

Discipline: Theatre – playwriting
Region: Sharon, MA
MacDowell fellowships: 2008, 2020

I see myself as an ambassador for the arts and my plays as one part of my diplomatic mission. While I continue to value and engage in expression as a primary passion through my chosen form of dramatic writing, I want to bring audiences more closely into drama’s potential through conversation, spontaneous performance, and new forms of on-the-spot art making as a means of joyful protest. In my roles at Wheaton College as Playwright-in-Residence, Mary Heuser Chair in the Arts, and co-director of the Wheaton Institute for Interdisciplinary Humanities (WIIH), I am fortunate to be able to try out these ideas with students every day.



Charlotte Meehan worked in the Mansfield studio.

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