Discipline: Architecture – design

Hyojin Kwon

Discipline: Architecture – design
Region: Cambridge, MA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2023

Hyojin Kwon is a design critic in architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, teaching and researching the reciprocal relationship of digital media and physical artifacts to perception, representation, and materialization. More recently, she held the Irving Innovation Fellowship at the GSD.

In the context of post-digital, her recent research, teaching, and projects have focused on how digital media alters the internal working methods of the design fields but also larger cultural conditions. Kwon founded the design practice Pre- and Post-, and has completed installation projects for the Museum of Brisbane in Australia, Tokyo Designers Week in Japan, and Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in Korea.



Hyojin Kwon worked in the Putnam studio.

The Graphics Studio (as it was originally named) was converted to its present use in 1972–1974 through a grant from the Putnam Foundation, and originally served the property as both a power house and pump house. Well water was pumped from a large cistern to Hillcrest, the Foreman’s Cottage, and the lower buildings closer to…

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