Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – multimedia installation

Jisoo Chung

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art – multimedia installation
Region: Los Angeles, CA
MacDowell Fellowships: 2024

Jisoo Chung is a visual artist based in Seoul and Los Angeles. Primarily working through video and installation, she traces the sociocultural languages constructed in quotidian objects or technologies. Linguistic failures, such as mistranslations and misinterpretations within her works, evoke the loss of cultural identity and create humor to reconcile the impaired relationship that language plays in forming a sense of self.

Chung’s work has been shown internationally, including at Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul (2023); Matsutake Gallery, Paris (2023); Frieze Film, Seoul (2022); Eulgiro OF, Seoul (2022); Zuccaire Gallery, New York (2022); Studio For Artistic Research, Dusseldorf (2021); NEMAF New Media Festival, Seoul (2021); Human Resources Los Angeles, CA (2021); and Seoul National University Museum of Modern Art, Seoul (2019), among others.

Chung has been supported by the LACE Lightning Fund in 2024, the Puffin Foundation, and the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2023. She holds a M.F.A. in new genres from the UCLA and a B.F.A. in painting from Seoul National University.

At MacDowell, she worked on a new photo collage that will potentially be part of a sculptural work commissioned by Prospect Art in Los Angeles. This work is an expansion of her recent project, “Miss Kim Lilac,” which was shown at Post Territory Ujeonguk in Seoul in 2023.



Jisoo Chung worked in the Mixter studio.

Built in 1927–1930, the Florence Kilpatrick Mixter Studio was funded by its namesake and designed by the architect F. Winsor, Jr., who also designed MacDowell's original Savidge Library in 1925. Mixter Studio, solidly built of yellow and grey-hued granite, once had sweeping views of Pack Monadnock to the east. The lush forest has now grown…

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