Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art

John Mooney

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Art
Region: Chicago, IL
MacDowell Fellowships: 1971, 1972, 1973, 1987

Dedicated to finding ways to bring art out of museums and to the public en masse, John David Mooney has designed large-scale, site-specific pieces encompassing architecture and landscape.

In North America, Mooney’s commissions include Crystara, a 30-foot-long Waterford Crystal and aluminum suspended sculpture created for the John Crerar Library at the University of Chicago; the Miami Wave, a 57,000 sq. ft. paving piece designed for a new entrance to the Miami International Airport; Wild Ricing Moon, a 95-foot-high sculpture honoring the native Americans for the University of Minnesota Duluth; and Spiral Galaxy, a 16-foot-high stainless steel sculpture located on the grounds in front of the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. He recently designed Spirit Tree, a 33-foot-high light sculpture in Urbana, IL. Mooney designed all of the park’s components – Falling Leaf, the park’s 12-foot-high mirrored polished stainless steel fountain sculpture; the landscaping and plant material; the paving; the furniture; and the lighting.

The artist has designed large-scale, site-specific pieces encompassing architecture and landscape for such clients as the U.S. State Department, the Australian Government, the Vatican Observatory, the British Foreign Office, the Maltese government, IBM, and American Airlines. He was artist-in-residence at General Motors and for the State of Indiana.

John David Mooney is the founder and current artistic director of the John David Mooney Foundation. Both as a teacher and an artist, Mooney is committed to serving his community and encouraging dialogue in the arts.



John Mooney worked in the Alexander studio.

Originally designed to be a visual art gallery, this facility was built in memory of the late John White Alexander (1856-1915) and funded by Elizabeth Alexander and their son James. John White Alexander was highly regarded as a portrait painter and, in the early part of the 20th century, served…

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