Discipline: Film/Video – animation

Lei Lei

Discipline: Film/Video – animation
Region: Beijing, China
MacDowell fellowships: Fall 2013, Fall 2016

1985 Born in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Lei Lei is an up-and-coming multimedia Chinese animation artist with his hands in graphic design, illustration, short cartoons, graffiti, and music. In 2009 He received a master's degree in animation from Tsinghua University. In 2010, his film This is LOVE was shown at Ottawa International Animation Festival and was awarded The 2010 Best Narrative Short award. In 2013 his film Recycled was selected by Annecy festival and was the Winner of the Grand Prix in shorts - non-narrative at Holland International Animation Film Festival.

He was on the juries of the 2014 Animafest Zagreb and the Holland International Animation Film Festival. Lei Lei was also the winner of a 2014 Asian Cultural Council grant.



Lei Lei worked in the Mixter studio.

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