Discipline: Film/Video – experimental

Motoko Fukuyama

Discipline: Film/Video – experimental
Region: Brooklyn, NY
MacDowell fellowships: 2017

Motoko Fukuyama, “Moko” among friends, hails from Japan but has lived in different parts of America since the late 1990s, currently living and working in Brooklyn. While in residence she filmed her quasi-documentary fictional mystery hybrid movie La bohème. Tussling with the ideas of “home," she used her own family dynamic, complicated by the backdrop of an aging Japanese society. The project expands into a deeper discourse on social and political concerns associated with aging, physical disability, mental illness, self-identity, and our coping mechanisms. The project was introduced at Tops Gallery, Memphis, in the fall of 2017.



Motoko Fukuyama worked in the Cheney studio.

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